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tv   European Journal  PBS  April 11, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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policies and activities please visit our websites ppp group. don't you. thanks for watching and see you again soon. well welcome to their teams and were coming to you from dw state gets to brussels. it's very good to be with us. and here as some of the stories in this edition. while casualties why that since i knew santa fe and bounds. identity crisis when aggressiveness to watch estonia. this one. to that this i will not conduct is since the start of world war one. your plunge themselves into deadly conflict that
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quickly pulled the welding takes chances. as the war dragged on for four years that was the height on the soldiers and black. this beer can on the standard road for help. some seven hundred thousand foreign workers came to from saloon. this is them from other parts of europe but also from the colonies in africa and asia. among them less some coke and f forty thousand tiny it's the onesie in the chinese community in paddy's get this in the small town to commemorate them this is an unusual day in the village of million sandown in northern france the boss of chinese visitors has arrived from parents even chinese soldiers from the french foreign legion have come. their destination is a small cemetery on the outskirts of the village the final resting place of a country of thirty eight chinese who died here during world war one. it's a chinese custom to remember the dead on the first weekend in april
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even though none of the visitors is a relative of any of the dead here. soon after to do to me see that she meets this is bitching mean festival. an important chinese tradition to you on yet it's the day when we go to the cemetery and cleaned the grapes to me to do to even the normally the children of the deceased do this but these people have no children. so we do it that's our tradition. see see look. here were soldiers laborers. during world war one the british brought about one hundred forty thousand chinese to france to keep the war machine operating for many it was a journey of no return. the storm. it occurred to him. willow wheel and use this yet on that. our countrymen year supporters of french and english in world
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war one in the morning the coming season with the gpu. we're here to remember him in more than one meal today. choose. tony and home. issue one income. on the tens of thousands of chinese workers came in trains like this from the port town of you often they worked in munitions factories should be ours. and even as farmers in the fields dominique canon law is a journalist for local news he's been tracing this story for twenty five years. few people had ever heard about the fate of the chinese laborers in this remote part of france whatever the case they were told this was the kind of volunteer service abroad. i don't think they imagined that it would be like it was hard work and
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familiar surroundings the climate hold it together i think they were startled by what awaited them. these into reading twenty nine there was a chinese camp on these fields next to the village of nowhere this email. witnesses who have since died told dominique dunne and find that the british soldiers treated the chinese like forced laborers. they worked ten hours a day six days a week and receive starvation wages if a broker role. they were severely punished. all macho book without him out of trouble below our feet lines a lot of misery. this is where the chinese lit. you have to imagine it. during the day he suffered from the heaviest lever in the evening they returned here exhausted where it was a much better. to me. the camp was locked up in. there was a sick day and even a mental
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hospital. for those who couldn't take it anymore. but so far from home and cut off from their family has been able to unicef and many went crazy ocd. oh and to coordinate fish from here the workers marched every day and layered train station to work. the political play calling to me. yes the man is located between the top of the strategic port in world war one and the nearby front the rail lines here were essential supply lines for the allied forces. fit dough to cover any additional investigation wait till the chinese were here. they had to prepare the rails which were regularly damaged by bombs that went just imagine if they had to carry the rails here in lake temple from the same time sen gravel when the data did what he was all extremely happy abt it and the chinese tended to be shorts and delicate. and
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they had this journey full of hardships behind them. all you. the topic was so good it was an incredible drudgery we would need to contribute to our guide says if mom was talking on the field. the new canon law isn't the only person interested in this story. the challenge is here at the cemetery for the first time. the inscriptions on the gravestones revealed that many of these deadbeat come from his home city in china now the ones to send theheir names to the archives at home in the hope of finding some descendants. so called good ca i will call what i think this is important to us says up being the person that there's ever my ancestors that said i would want to know what happened here in france. people can stay you know how they experience the war. undaunted i will post the plug in cd. even
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after one hundred years the chinese in france want to preserve the memory of the fate of their countrymen so they'll be back next year to observe each evening festival among the graves when he answered me. it is still tense between the west and russia after the annexation of crimea the baltic states in particular have been what's the most is that removing ukraine very closely the governance of us need to for help. the lady that president putin might secretly planned to seize as standing in line and hit twenty weeks like ukraine will south regions with a large russian speaking population. knew. and not buying this tenure for some fall nine to ten and have the tunes on boxing. the town is located right on the border with russia and has been struggling with an identity crisis since the standing and declared its independence in nineteen ninety one. safe as anyone in
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the future feels nostalgic about the good ol' stupid times he likely find them here now. every so often mean is i see that pays a visit to the embankment where she use to spend her lunch breaks for thirty seven years she worked at the chron home textile factory. the factory was not as largest employer when you think is true that i actually was an important part of the night for people he is giving off to eat chinese. many didn't know what to do. one woman committed suicide because she couldn't stand the boys in the night. pk. the soviet years are in the still gt memory for many here in our own. the kremlin factory was the mainstay of the local economy. it employs about twelve thousand people at good wages. after estonia declared its independence the factory was privatized the last owner was a swedish
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investor. four years ago they shut down the ailing company such approval but is a university student and was born here. she's part of the russian speaking majority here is the russian border many locals feel neglected by the government's back and tell them the older generations especially look with belonging to the east the russian town of uganda fraud is just across the river. many unknown to support the russian government's recent actions in crimea. yes i stole a convenient lie about you. my grandmother and all her friends and watch russian tv all day with them. that's where they get all their information to us so that some may stay informed. of course there are a russian thing you must earn currencies. despite the ailing economy. what
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the us has big plans for the future. he wants to transform the former factory grounds into a thriving new district modern with fashionable shops expensive homes cafes and cultural activities. just like they have in berlin london or new york did with gucci current residents. i'm sure that our residents will do well in order to sustain his sixty two thousand people live here see you. here the eastern most indian european union speech. and we're continuing to make progress here maria's many new infrastructure projects underway this week and will get help from brussels artistic director. this is what the new district is suppose to look like one day the mayor hopes to lower many wealthy russians here from st peter's. there's a glossy brochure but so far they haven't found any investors. if the eu imposes sanctions on russia that would probably spell the end of the project. sexy bell
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also supports bush's recent military action in crimea she says it's writes the crimea once again belongs to russia. couldn't get the key in the study was a historical mistake and russian gave up my knee and back then. that was always rushing to treat it that he could go to the beach cities of some past opponents and cheryl cole always russian capital. just like in or about which also has a russian majority. with the text on a flight to read on the entire city is suffering. unemployment is more than thirty percent even with support from the eu entire districts or decay. soo have other options are leaving only four percent of locals identify is the story. most of russian roots or see themselves as russian. used in estonian school here for almost
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seventy years but enrollment has dwindled and the high school is set to close. then there will only be two russian schools here but the director is still looking for another solution. and i think will become part of the new mt high school. then the final season hasn't even made it all wrong. they have to find a nice nap and fell no that is situated right at the border crossing the traffic is always heavy on the road between seven and st petersburg. but it's favorable location on this busy or away hasn't brought any economic benefits to the city. such adorable but pays a visit to a local cafe to meet some friends the conversation turns as so often to the struggles of day to day life here. many are worried about the future and they're frustrated that the correction of the soviet era is still an ongoing problem the employment office
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in our back is different from the rest of estonia. get a jump your unique connections people say it's changing but it's slow. i have no idea how long it will take. no one fights back but then nothing will change in june. more than willing to die for. i get home i mean a side sleeper and her family are looking at old photo albums they've been reminiscing a lot these past months. and the old soviet days are taking on an ad for ruiz your glowing their memories then he said. we had our cultural sports and educational traditions and the country held told an icon and accounts for children the one to freeze frost yet it was a russian i feel close to st petersburg with the show used to go there alot. now we need a visa. and that makes me sad. right then the family still doesn't feel much connection to
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estonia. but they also don't want to leave the queue and become russian. they'll just take it out they say the border passes between the council on the one side and the fortress on the other many russians and owner of a cd feel torn between the two countries. not entirely estonian not russian either that doesn't hunt is tend to think of themselves as environmentalists to make so they keep second animal populations down and diseases like rabies at a box there is a big case you bring. while gun possession is heavily regulated in gemini the country is brought up to date when it comes to and the new nation. well it's all still widely used by attending hunters. the study said that the toxic heavy metal is dangerous for people and animals alike. he thinking how nice is the kind i include jan hunt
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the state's new companion piece into one of the country's knows what they need or shooting ranges. i was testing the ammunition he and the moms and take a few times you don't want an end as the state senate in advance. the bill. he's been caught sleeping for examination and only then put it. you don't choose the good quantities and creamy nation is just as offensive as conventional yet still open if they don't have that done i haunt. most people are going to meet abandoning lead ammunition isn't really a current issue here because ultimately we hunters are concerned about the effects of the rather than its composition. in other words manufacturers must ensure what they're selling on the market will allow us to fill various types of game from different ranges in a humane way and in compliance
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with hunting principles. when cohen. he missed a gemini three hundred and fifty thousand ounces will continue seeking to a trustee at the nation. that trend should be dispensed with as quickly and painlessly as possible the budding conservation groups not the christian the next shot is dead he forced the eagles. the baddie of the lead poisoning off to eating carrion death by hunters when they come and pray. researchers say that despite the city's plan has yet to be placed on head hunting missions in gemini and the european union thousands of tonnes of into financing to jim and far east each hunting season i are busy enough. this is an x ray of the ribcage of the road here's the call here with the heart would usually be one of the animal was struck with the software equivalent of why i didn't have lunch with the trust to call it what remains is a large area
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to look pregnant and are mainly let in to austin. it also uses hopes in case you die the six nations the stomach in the sea eagles fullback in the nation fragments. the bad kind of icky magical evening need an iron to one third of seagulls killed by lead poisoning in germany. a second or third that suffers long term damage from ingesting lead. perhaps their immune systems option he was just so you can say that two thirds of all the eagles when cooked add up to now have a lead contamination problem the hunter and feed it seems you may ask is entering its manufacture again based on the south and pain. then next week. he knows what he's been the hunt is on humans against ei free and the nation became effective on saipan cause its plant at amazon. amanda says there's another reason one and is being used they can
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on top of the prospect of a truism hordes of sensible it has to be made on a way the film's bullets coming off a late posting this and there's no change because the industry would have to get rid of their presses and by the way i want you to question amusing told paid for machines are buying new more expensive i couldn't see them live healthy lives that's one reason why the nations of the is campaigning for keeping in place and socks. he agreed to pull themselves environmental hunches happens is these propaganda and was a fifth ranking it as is to human health as well. they want to establish game as an alternative to the industry may sneak and emphasize that the animals engine and far east. grandma can help the species appropriate manner. cause the game and it gets but still when you explain to consumers the difference between game that is lead free ordained it contains lead. they're immediately ready to pay more
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for lead free me because it's healthier. and it's obvious it's organic meats and they appreciate what they can spend taken with lead free ammunition. wouldn't it the countess fifteen cents each on the move down to gamecube the screen the nation will get to see that approval. he said it would improve the reputation of gangs and could do more than say the eagles the nelson area needs an infant and and that was possibly poisoned by now. how many of the county need to vent and you know how to combine and poisoning has yet to beat attendance. we also believes in us and already investigated but they didn't use animal cadavers like good riddance instead they took blood samples unreal to show that during the summer when there's little hunting going on to lead levels were much lower. as soon as the hunting seasons got underway in autumn and winter when
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reprinted awful left outdoors the bird showed higher lead levels in a plot in which it applied to helpless the day to mean a mean cold and jam and conservation is one to see you and hunting the nation's band. just like the yankees or studio fuels that was a man he can teach three decades ago. fourteen million tonnes of debris enough listing and wells oceans. some of the updates anything visible from space most of it is plastic wrappings and that's a fatal trap for many seabirds not eu officials want to tackle this problem at the souls that proposing an outright ban on the thinnest of plastic and it backs the now banned plastic bags that entryway political appointees video on tuesday has come up with the create if i did to raise awareness. the steep banks
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have taken over portugal forty years ago. portugal was a poor agricultural land an organic for lack of funds today reduce europe's champion consumer of plastic bags. the average person uses more than five hundred a year video artist no costco has responded to this with humor creating the character of the mill and comic. he stands for the portuguese consumer demand with two plastic pants thx to a list if they want it back still wasn't what he does it even if a person is concerned with the great existential questions than plastic bags bring him back down to earth. they connect us with banal everyday life however important we think we all left him with plastic bags we all look alike a blast. the non comic depicts
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life's absurdities. here are a team shoots footage for the tv series by cost to them them in coming. okies so i wanted to show how portuguese plastic bag that is showing a portuguese person without one was like showing humphrey bogart without a cigarette costa came up with the idea of an m one comment one day when he found himself holding two plastic bags looked around and saw that almost everyone else was carrying them too. in portugal plastic bags are omnipresent and unavoidable. for the new loathsome of relieving to be the country's biggest weekly paper in a plastic bag for less. the ou. just east of
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the state bank as the symbol of the intriguing part of the modern consumer like yourself. the patchwork and two boys who have to be picked up from school grocery shopping and cooking these things turn the artist into a perfectly normal person. so does a routine trip to the supermarket supermarkets are the bottomless source of plastic bags one of them pour out of the shopping centers and the minute and a portuguese have surrendered to this without resistance it was awful. we portuguese or a reputed pointing our fingers at others set the governments and our neighbors. a lot but we don't accept our own responsibility for the common welfare. the environment you need a sense of community and so the portuguese are a burden on their environment things are ready and
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packages are back once again each item separately or in most two to a bank. if you don't like it. you can line up that the ecological cash register and pay two cents per pack. other cashiers and used six or seven banks and sentenced to up the canyon this initiative to stop giving away free facts. but there are other reasons to stand the green richest or two. i knew the kids there was no nine. constant in the normal line only once went back for everything. it causes irritation and disrupts the flow. there under all that weight. it's a useful to use a tridentine missal see us at just one bag please. he just laughed as if to say ok but he'd be the hero. so i succumbed to the pressure of the market ok don't be a fundamentalist take an extra bag home with a
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fundamentally that i was sixteen. i don't think the portuguese will follow ecological constructs began to breathe or less the stonework and the private tv channel k. she is the letter q but it's also the word . no crush isn't questioning his work. but maybe the poetry of his images will eat his countrymen to think about their consumer behavior because the portuguese have always been world champions in poetry. that brings us to get into specifics in the canopy in general we have games i can say on that note i once again next week at same time. until then from all of us here at dw in brussels. i'm still watching because the bye for now
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richard suggested to call celtic woman the song on the too much the us. the air no dvd. low. little. i did
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low. i did. i did. check
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the youtube watch to see world you were ever you go which makes the apps for your own tablet. access program schedules on demand video. my name is pete oliver right play. each. reuters the us versions available to secure the marketplace today
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research makes the network you knew and knew i . they are. oh the china daily news was in the night to come to a special buy different ukraine mike is a damning the kelantan. you can watch the significance is available in taleban say it's tasty enough to come. the acting president of ukraine is ready to sign the decree on proclamation of criminal prosecution of people that occupy and ailments of the eastern regions. provided there's a e lee and administration buildings and l d


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